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House Painting Service is a Copenhagen-based creative approach with multidisciplinary vision. Creative Director Ziggy Bang´s interest in video, photography and contemporary culture is a conceptual structure. 

The items are defined by Albert Vaaben the Head Designer, developed with the desire to appeal to the minority of the future consumers. Represents the convergence of outdoorsy gear and more quotidian unisex fashion. 

House Painting Service is born from upcycling, therefore Sabrina Gazier Chief Operating officer’s main role is to guide and ensure sustainable sourcing and growth.

our suppliers

We cooperate with transparent and responsible sourcing partners to promote fair working conditions in our supply chain. 

House Painting service designs high-quality products. Made for long term usage with carefully considered materials. 

Our organic cotton collection is made with GOTS-certified organic cotton. Organic textiles are grown without toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilisers and genetic modification. 

Our dead-stock collection is made with high quality fabrics. The “leftovers” of the fashion industry. These are fabrics that ended up either not going to the intended buyer at all or not being made into finished garments. Historically, most of these deadstock fabrics would be simply thrown away, eventually making their way into landfills

We are sourcing responsibly, every step of the way.


House Painting service is integrating upcycling into our collections. Our upcycled clothes are made from unwanted materials, that otherwise would go to waste. 

The fashion and textile industry is one of the world’s most polluting industries, mainly because its volume of production. This is our humble way to slow down the mass production.

All together

House Painting Service’s goal is to design a social responsible business model, which is why we are proud to collaborate with the social sewing room Tekstil I Tingbjerg.

In a small residential area, Tingbjerg, just 15 minutes away from Copenhagen centre Henriette Rolf Larssen is using needlework to help heal wounds and bridge two communities in a sewing project for women. 

Tekstil I Tingbjerg is an inspiration and a creative partner for House Painting Service as we believe that women empowerment is necessary for development 

Every single product we create with TIT is born from purpose, each product is lifting our mission and has the fingerprint of two generations.  

We are here to inform and inspire next generation of consumers. 

We are here to give back more than we take.

House Painting service’s goal is to inspire and accelerate a positive future.


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